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Have you ever accidentally deleted a photo from your andriod phone, what you might not know is that you can usually restore those. Android cell photo is in great demand due to its interface and consistency. Photos are stored either in the internal memory of phone or SD card. As you know that photos deleted can happen anytime or anywhere. It is very essential to recover deleted photos from Android Phones There are several reasons which can delete your photos and make you suffer from data loss.
Android photo Recovery

Some of the common factors are given below:

Virus infection
Accidently deletion of file.
Careless formatting of SD Card
Memory card error
Android phone got water, damaged or broken.

Now, it is very easy to restore accidentally lost or deleted photos as well as you can even recover formatted photos from android phones and devices with the help of a third party photo recovery software -- Wiserecovery, but it is better to create backup files regularly to avoid such conditions. Try it now.

User Guide to Use Wiserecovery

Step 1

Download WiseRecovery Software, install and launch it.

Step 2

Perform a Full Scan. Connect your Andriod Cell Phone to your computer. Select the drive which is your Cell Phone. Click Scan. The software will quickly scan the phone to find all your target files.

Step 3

Preview and Recover deleted photos. Find the files you want to restore in the scan result. Select them and click Recover. Set a destination folder to save the recovered files. You can find the recovered files in the destination folder. Attention: The destination folder can't be in the same drive as the drive you scanned.

  • Do not set the card near a magnet as this will delete all of its data.
  • Do not use the card for any other purpose if you have accidentally deleted files, as the device will record the new files over the old ones.
  • Do not wait a long time to restore the lost data, after a longer time, it is harder to restore, regardless of the software used.
Professional Data Recovery Software Recover Lost Data in 3 Steps
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