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Get Excel Files Back with WiseRecovery

It's everyone's worst nightmare – you've worked on a excel sheet for a period of time, and then unintentionally close it without saving. Or the power just goes out, or Excel crashes . . . For whatever reasons, you've lost this important excel spreadsheet and recreate it can be a tough and time-consuming work for you. So is there a solution for this problem? The answer is yes and this article will show you how to recover those lost Excel files step by step.

Method 1: Repair method

Open a blank Excel workbook >> Go to Open >> Find the desired file and choose Open and Repair >> Confirm by clicking Yes. 
Note: This option is in the drop-down list associated with the Open button. If Excel cannot open the file, choose Extract Data. If Excel warns you that the file caused a serious error the last time it was opened, agree to continue opening it.

Method 2: HTML method

Step 1

If you can, open the file. Go to Save As. If necessary, choose Other Formats from the quick list of options. 

Step 2

Select Web Page from the possible file formats.

Step 3

Make sure Entire Workbook is selected and hit Save. Note that certain elements of the formatting may be lost. Click Yes to confirm orHelp for more information.

Step 4

Locate the saved file.

Step 5

Right-click the file and choose Open With > Microsoft Office Excel.

Step 6

Go to Save As and choose an Excel format from the drop-down list. For example, Microsoft Excel 97-2003 produces the classic .xls format, whereas Excel Workbook produces the newer .xlsx format.

Step 7

Change the title to prevent confusing it with / saving over the (corrupted) original.

Step 8

Hit Save.

Get Excel Files Back with WiseRecovery

Apart from two methods above, you can also recover those lost Excel files by using a helpful program named WiseRecovery.
WiseRecovery is able to recover various data in various devices. The types of files include image, document, audio, video, compressed file and email. And the devices that can be recovered include local drive, USB, camera, memory card, MP players, ipod, and removable devices and so on. 

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