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With the development of technology, the recovery tool is more and more comprehensive. It has so many functions that can satisfy people's demanding.  

What is Hard Drive?
Hard disks can be partitioned to run separate operating systems on the same disk, or to break down a disk into manageable chunks for storage. Partitioning is performed on a new or reformatted disk.
When it is formatted, do you know how to recover data form it?

How to Recover Data From Formatted Hard Drive With Software?

Step 1.

Download WiseRecovery and install it.

Step 2.

Activate and start WiseRecovery.

Step 3.

Select the document from which the file you wish to recover was deleted or formatted.

Step 4.

Click "Scan". WiseRecovery could search the files that exist in hard drive sectors that are flagged to be overwritten.

Step 5.

Choose the file you want to recover in the listing of files that WiseRecovery finds.

Step 6.

Click "Recover" and to see if the file is available once again in its original location.
You should remember that: Please be sure to allocate ample disk space (about 20 GB) on the C drive to hold Windows software and temp files created by other software programs.
Other situation that WiseRecovery can play a role.
Accidental Deletion Events
Delete -- "Shift + Del" key entry (with no prior backup)
"Delete All" selected in error
Delete Files from the DOS command prompt
Recycle Bin erroneously emptied (and no backup)
Delete File Using Move or Cut command
Accidental Formatting or Reformat
Formatted Media/Device in error
Accidentally format the storage device, even Windows reinstallation.
Complete formatting of the partitions or the logical volumes
Disk initialization when digital camera memory card is just connected
This is all about the Recover Data From Formatted Hard Drive. Hope it helps. Thanks for reading.

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