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With the development of email, our life becomes much convenient and we can communicate to our friends or relatives wherever they are. Besides, there are also some important information in our emails. Since most email users do not have the habit to backup the information in their emails, it is hard for them to recover those deleted emails. But before trying to recover them, take a look at the "trash" and "deleted" folders of inbox to see whether your wanted emails are still there.

For Outlook Users

  1. Log on your email account.
  2. In your folder tree there is a folder named "trash" or "deleted". Click on it and you can find the emails you deleted before.
  3. Find the one you want and click on it and drag it into your "inbox". You can also right-click on it and there will be an option named "move to". Click on it and move it to inbox.

For Other Users

  1. Open a browser and log on your account.
  2. Log on your email account.
  3. In your folder tree there is a folder named "trash" or "deleted". Click on it
  4. You can search for the email you have deleted and move it to your inbox.
  5. You can also resend this email to yourself so that it will show up in your inbox.

If you can find those emails by following above steps, you can recover them easily. If not, there is an excellent email recovery tool for you to recover deleted emails easily within minutes.

WiseRecovery is able to recover emails, MS Office documents, archive, audio, video, image, database, contacts and other more than 600 major file types under almost all situations. It is easy to use that users only need to give a few clicks to get their deleted emails or files back. Moreover, it is risk-free for your original files. With its help, there is no worry for how to recover deleted emails.

Steps to recover deleted emails with WiseRecovery

Step 1

Download WiseRecovery and install it. Then click the "Deleted Files" button.

recover deleted emails

Step 2

Select "Start scan" to find all lost file types.

email recovery

Step 3

Select the file types you want to recover.

wise email recovery

Step 4

Click "recovery".

Step 5

You will see you lost emails and you can save them in a safe place.
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