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The excel file corruption can be caused by computers being turned off inappropriately, corrupt sectors on a hard drive, or viruses. And sometimes you cannot figure out the reason. It just happened and annoyed you so much. Then how to recover excel files?

Most of time, If it does really happens to you, you can log on to your computer and open Microsoft Excel. Look for a message about recovered files. If the auto-recovery function is turned on, the files you are working on will automatically be saved at the intervals you specify, allowing you to recover lost files in the event of a power failure or computer crash.

In the event of the operations above not working, you can use WiseRecovery to recover your excel files:

1 Download & install WiseRecovery

How to Recover Excel Files

2 Click "Start Scan"

3 Select the disk you want to scan and click "Scan"

Recover Excel Files

4 Find the excel file you want to recover from the result list and click "Recover"

 Excel Files recovery

Your excel file has been recovered!

Besides excel files recovery, WiseRecovery is able to recover photos and files from your computer or other device. like handling the following situation:

Photos deleted accidentally or unintentionally from memory cards
Memory card error or damage, or inaccessible memory card
Accidentally format the storage device
Turning off the camera during the writing process
Pulling out SD card while the camera is power on
Other Improper operation that could cause damage to data
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