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With the development of the technology, the recovery technique has been more mature. It means that a lot of recovery tools has been designed. What you should do is to choose one which is really beneficial to you among them. WiseRecovery, as the best of them, is used very widely all over the world. Over 6000 million people has recovered data with it smoothly.

And also, not all recovery tool could recover mysql data as WiseRecovery.
I would like to introduce WiseRcovery to you:
WiseRecovery supports all common file formats, including Image, Video, Music, Document, Emails and Archives. At the meantime, it supports all situations of file lost, such as accident deletion, formatting, device corruption, etc. It also supports
all digital devices, such as hard disk, SD card, memory stick, raid, and other multimedia device.

How to Recover Mysql Data With Software?

Step 1.

Download WiseRecovery and install it.

Step 2.

Activate and start WiseRecovery.

Step 3.

Select the document from which the file you wish to recover was deleted.

Step 4.

Click "Scan". WiseRecovery could search the files that exist in hard drive sectors that are flagged to be overwritten.

Step 5.

choose the file you want to recover in the listing of files that WiseRecovery finds.

Step 6.

Click "Recover" and to see if the file is available once again in its original location.
And I forget to mention that mysql is the most popular open source database. It has attracts so many people using it in daily working and studying life. I hope it help you Recover Mysql Data. Thanks for reading.

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