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The files that have been overwritten usually can not be recovered. But Microsoft has created a feature to redeem lost files and overwritten files. It is called "Volume Shadow Copy", is built into most windows operating systems to assist in document recovery.
Here is the concrete process:
How to Recover Overwritten Folder?
Step 1. Right-click on the "start" menu in the lower left corner of the screen and left-click on the selection explorer. A separate window will open. To your left on that window will be a category named Folders; Search under the folder category for the specific folder you wish to redeem the document from.
Step 2. Left-click on the folder that contains the overwritten file. A separate window will appear containing the files within that folder you selected. Right-click on the file that you wish to recover and a separate window will appear.
Step 3. Select the version you would like to recover or restore.
If you are so confused about the complicated process. You can try an innovative software--WiseRecovery.
The Most Innovative Software--WiseRecovery.
WiseRecovery could search and recover the lost data quickly, accurately and safely. The operation is easy and simple. By several clicks only, you can search and recover the lost data. WiseRecovery can also extract deleted data from any type of external storage mediums, which includes Flash drives, memory cards and MP3 players.

How to Recover Overwritten Folder?

Step 1.

Download WiseRecovery and install it.

Step 2.

Activate and start WiseRecovery.

Step 3.

Select the document from which the file you wish to recover was deleted.

Step 4.

Click "Scan". WiseRecovery could search the files that exist in hard drive sectors that are flagged to be overwritten.

How to Recover Overwritten Folder

Step 5.

choose the file you want to recover in the listing of files that WiseRecovery finds.

Step 6.

Click "Recover" and to see if the file is available once again in its original location.
That is all about "How to Recover Overwritten Folder". Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.
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