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The Samsung Galaxy S III is a multi-touch, slate-format smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics that runs the Android operating system. It has additional software features, expanded hardware, and a redesigned physique from its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S II. The S III employs an intelligent personal assistant (S Voice), eye-tracking ability, increased storage, and although a wireless charging option was announced, it never came to fruition. Android is a hot topic in the world of internet science because it is an open source technology. There are many software companies making apps for android. I believe it will beyond Apple some day in the near future. The most common problem about Android phone is what we can do when data loss happen and how to avoid data loss.

Method 1 Stop any action on that Galaxy S3!

Luckily, Photos, audios and videos captured by Samsung Galaxy S3 are stored in the SD card by default, when a delete command is issued to selected files, the android OS doesn't just go to destroy these files, instead, the OS only label the "deleted" photos or videos as expendable to free up the memory these deleted data occupied for storing new files at some point in the future. Before newly captured videos or photos swamp in, the files deleted from Samsung Galaxy S3 are intact and can be recovered.

Method 2 Download a Galaxy S3 recovery program.

Wiserecovery is able to recover deleted photos, videos and audio files from Samsung Galaxy S3. This is a computer software, if you are watching this article on your Galaxy S3, You may want to peg this page and switch to a pc to get this job done. This software can effectively recover deleted or lost photos, music, video, and multimedia files from almost all digital cards after disasters like erroneous deletion, corruption or formatting errors, etc. Using WiseRecovery is safe and risk-free.

Still Can't Recover Deleted Photos from Galaxy S3?

Download WiseRecovery and Recover Lost Files Yourself!

How to use WiseRecovery?

Step 1

Step 2

Connect your galaxy s3 to your computer. Select the drive which is galaxy s3.
Click Scan. The software will quickly scan the phone to find all your target files.

Step 3

Find the files you want to restore in the scan result.
Select them and click Recover.Set a destination folder to save the recovered files. You can find the recovered files in the destination folder. Attention: The destination folder can't be in the same drive as the drive you scanned.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use your disk to save new files after you find your data lost!
  • Lost Files or Damaged Cards can be recovered as long as they haven't been overwritten!
  • A good recovery tool can be very helpful. Backup is a good habit if you always deal with important files.

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