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Everybody has a digital camera these days. It's really a heart-sinking moment when you realize your photos have disappeared after pressing the wrong button. If you've accidentally formatted your card and don't know how to deal with it, this post will walk you through the entire photos recovery process by using WiseRecovery

WiseRecovery counts on the fact that the images aren't usually physically expunged from your memory card or hard drive when you delete them. Instead, the data is left in place but the system marks the space they occupy as usable for new files. It's not until a new file is written to the same place on the storage medium that it becomes overwritten and physically lost.

Thus, don't do anything to your memory card once you realize photos have been deleted. This means, don't take any more photos on the card and remove it from the camera immediately. The thing is, it can be easy to retrieve the lost images, provided you stop taking any additional photos.

Now, please follow the guide below to learn how to recover deleted files by using WiseRecovery.

Step 1

Connect the device in which the SD card is located to your computer. And launch WiseRecovery
Note: If after connecting the camera, or mobile phone to a computer, the storage on it is not read like a separate drive, you may be required to remove the SD cards from your cameras or mobile devices, and connect them to their PCs via a memory card reader (a laptop built-in card reader on a will also do the trick, though an microSD to SD card adaptor may be required).

Step 2

Select the SD card as the location to restore files. The software will begin to scan the card for deleted files.

How to Recover Photos on a Card with WiseRecovery

Step 3

Select the files you want to restore. Click "Next" to recover files.

How to Recover Photos on a Card with WiseRecovery

Step 4

Once this is complete you'll see a list of the recovered file. Now you can view the recovered files and get what you want.
Wanna get those deleted files back? Download WiseRecovery from here and do the recovery work now.

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