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SD card is a portable storage device that is used in cellular phones. The SD card stores information such as your contacts and your text messages. When you delete a text message from your phone's inbox, you are deleting the file from the MicroSD card. If you delete a message by accident, you can retrieve it by using an SD card recovery, your computer and a data-recovery program which you can download for free online.

How to Recover the Deleted Data from SD Card

Step 1

Download card recovery software. There are a multitude of utilities available for this (see Resources). Some are free; others cost money. Try a free program or see if a free trial is available. These utilities make it possible to see the files that have not yet been overwritten on your SD card.

Step 2

Insert the card into your card reader or device, and run the card recovery software. The software will scan your device for the files and alert you to any complete, recoverable files available. Recover the images according to the program instructions. Some programs charge a fee per file to be recovered.
If you can not retrieve the lost data deleted by accident, you can try WiseRecovery which provides an easy and convenient way to retrieve your lost files. No matter the files are deleted, corrupted or removed from the recycle bin, SD Card Files Recovery Pro will always get them back. And your lost files can be video files, photos, audio data, or files of other formats.

How to Recover the Deleted Data from SD Card with WiseRecovery

Step 1

Download WiseRecovery Software, install it and launch it. Click the "Start Scan" button on the main window of WiseRecovery.Undelete Deleted Data on SD Card

Step 2

You can see the list of all volumes found on your computer, select the exact drive and click the "Next" button to start scanning. If you can't see the drive, please make sure your external drives are connected, and click 'Refresh' button.Retrieve Deleted Data on SD Card

Step 3

It will take about 2-10 minutes to scan, it depends on your disk size and files amount on the disk. After scanning is finished, you can preview text document and files.Recover Deleted Data on SD Card
Professional Data Recovery Software Recover Lost Data in 3 Steps
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