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I accidentally deleted a partition, how do I recover it? some people may have no idea when they face this kinds of partition lost or deleted situation. Partitions are actually rather easy to recover, if you catch it in time. If you delete a partition and notice it right away, you should be able to recover it completely. the deleted files can get back by a deleted partition recovery program. Then let's see how to recover files on deleted partition.

1 Open the WiseRecovery. Click on a disc or image to select it and click "Next".

2 Click on a partition to select it and click "Next." The program will scan the selected partition.

3 Review the results. Click on files or folders to select them for recovery. If you do not see the files or folders you want to recover, click the "Search" button to search for specific files or folders.

4 Click "Save". If possible, save the files to a partition other than where they were originally located.
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When you Download and install a deleted partition data recovery program. You'd better download and install the program into a partition or onto a physical drive that does not include the space previously allocated to your deleted partition.
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