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Many times we are forced to reformat our hard drives because of hard disk errors, start-up problems and invalid commands that deter our computers performance. After reformatting your hard disk, you may lose documents, files and vital information. Don't panic, because there are ways to get them back. With these simple step-by-step guidelines and a data recovery program, you can trace and recover those important files and documents safely and effectively.

How to Recover Format Files

Step 1

Download Data Recovery Wizard from the download link in the Resource center. If you want to look at other programs, click on the review link in the resource center. Generally these programs work just about the same.

Step 2

Double click the "Data Recovery Wizard" icon on your desktop after you have installed it. Then click the "Complete Recovery" button on your recovery wizard.

Step 3

Select the hard disk that was reformatted. They are generally labeled by the corresponding letters. The ones that do not have any letters are placed at the bottom and labeled with an asterisk.

Step 4

Click "Next" after you have highlighted your reformatted hard drive. The "Intelligent Searching Mode" is activated as it searches for a volume.

Step 5

Let data recovery search for your volumes. After a few minutes, the "Building Directory" will be launched automatically to search for files.

Step 6

Select the file directory you want to recover after data recovery builds files and folders tree. Click "Next" to begin recovering the deleted files in that file directory.

If you can not recover the format files in this way, you can try WiseRecovery which can help you recover lost data from Hard Drives, PCs and Laptops, Memory Sticks, USB storage media, SD card, cameras, cell phones or other storage media. It performs read only operation and will never do any damage to your card or hard drive. WiseRecovery also can recover your deleted or lost files due to situations of corruption, formatting, virus attack, etc. With WiseRecovery you don't need to worry about your lost data any more.
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