by Brian (

Just wanted to send a thank you to your company for having a product that worked so well. I tried a few free programs but they didn't get every-thing back for me. Then I found this program, I finally have the losing photos back and couldn't be happier! Thank you so much and I am going to recommend this program to anyone else I know who loses pictures and videos like I did!

by Hesham Emara(

We had a great experience with Lionsea WiseRecovery for our data recovery issue, they worked fast and always get back my lost files. I highly recommend WiseRecovery to anyone who needs data recovery services.

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This is awesom! I was able to retrieve my most important documents! Thank you!!!!

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This software recovered more than I could imagine, it has recovered my working documents and saved my job, Thank you.

by Martin Crow (

This is great! I always thought that once it's deleted and your trash bin is cleared out that it is gone forever. WiseRecovery is a must have product for every Windows user. I wish I had known about this years ago.

by Pat Hunter (

I have no complaints with your service. I have used your service twice now and its been great..

by Lyle(

I Used WiseRecovery on the recommendation of my friend when I accidentally lost my data from a crashed hard drive. I went to WiseRecovery website and I download this software, and I get back my lost data, The scan speed is very fast!

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Works perfectly! Thanks so much.